A full range of pressure reducing / regulating valves and safety relief valves in bronze, iron or steel, for demanding steam, liquid and air applications in the process industry.

Established in 1832, BAILEY designs and manufactures safety relief valves, pressure reducing valves and associated products for a broad range of demanding offsite and utilities duties. BAILEY valves have demonstrated proven reliability in high pressure environments such as the chemical, food and beverage, heating and pharmaceutical industries. All BAILEY products are part of a policy of continuous improvement and are fully PED and ATEX approved where required.

BAILEY’S bespoke valve design service can customise valves for any specific application, while its extensive distribution network ensures speedy delivery, minimal plant downtime and maximum protection.

BAILEY’s product catalogue includes:

  • Safety relief valves: BAILEY safety relief valves offer a broad spectrum of protection against over-pressure and excess temperature by automatically discharging gases, vapours, or liquids to maintain a set level of safe pressure.
    • 700 Series: the 700 Series safety relief valves feature a full lift, top guided construction and unobstructed seat bore to offer full protection against overpressure on boilers, compressors, pressure vessels, process pipelines and pressurised equipment.
    • 480/490 and 616D Series: a comprehensive selection of safety relief valves to protect against system overpressure in a wide range of applications, including pump by-pass and air blower applications.
  • Pressure reducing / regulating valves: BAILEY pressure reducing valves are able to reduce and maintain pressure within predetermined limits, irrespective of fluctuations in the inlet pressure or change in flow demand.
    • G4 Series: the BAILEY G4 Series of pilot operated pressure reducing valves provide extremely accurate levels of pressure regulation for steam, air and industrial gas applications.
    • DA Series: BAILEY DA direct acting pressure reducing valves offer cost-effective pressure regulation even under adverse working conditions.
  • Associated Products: this range of sight glasses offers visual inspection of processes operating with steam, air, gases, water and process fluids. All components present little or no resistance to flow and are therefore ideal for use with processes where uninterrupted flow is required.

The BAILEY brand and BAILEY products are owned and manufactured by Pentair.