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Bailey 2042 Bronze Pressue Reducing Valve

Bailey 2042 Bronze Pressue Reducing ValveBailey produce a wide range of dependable pressure reducing valves which independently and without intervention monitor the supply pressure and automatically deliver a consistent reduced pressure for the operator, day and night.

The Bailey range of pressure reducing valves is used throughout the world on a huge array of applications.

When steam, air, water, liquids, gas or chemicals are used, boilers, pumps and compressors are often required to pressurise the system. The initial system pressure is usually high due to the use of small diameter piping systems, and it will be substantially higher than the pressure required by the final application. These applications require reliable, constant and stable reduced pressures.

The 2042 G4 pilot operated pressure reducing valve provides extremely accurate levels of pressure regulation for steam, air and industrial gas applications. It will maintain a constant outlet pressure irrespective of variations in the inlet pressure or demand from the system.

This is accomplished with a highly sensitive pilot valve itself a small direct acting reducing valve that provides a constant outlet pressure, irrespective of erratic inlet pressure or system demand. The pilot valve acts to regulate the opening of the main valve in a way that will maintain the desired outlet pressure.

Pilot operated valves provide very close accuracy of pressure control. Due to their high flow rates, pilot valves will often be smaller than the comparable direct acting valve.

The 2042 is a screwed bronze pilot operated pressure reducing valve.

The BAILEY brand and BAILEY products are owned and manufactured by Pentair.